Autolite Spark Plugs 458DP Non Resistor Copper Spark Plug

by Autolite Spark Plugs

Copper-Glass Seal Bonds Insulator Terminal Post Center Electrode Together; Assures Full Required Voltage At Spark Gap; Gas-Tight Seal (100 Percent Leak Proof) Multi-Rib Insulator Reduces Danger Of "Flash-Over" One-Piece Terminal Post Adds Strength Resistor Reduces Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) And Electrode Erosion Cold-Formed Steel Shell Precision Rolled Threads Full Copper Core Electrode Provides Better Performance In All Conditions Limited 2 Year Warranty


Reach - 3/8 Inch
Resistor - No
Electrode Type - OEM
Electrode Core Material - Copper
Electrode Tip Material - Nickel Alloy
Insulator Type - Non-Projected
Thread Size - 14 Millimeter X 1.25
Seat Type - Gasket
Wrench Diameter - 13/16 Inch Hex

Guaranteed to deliver quick starts good fuel economy and smooth acceleration. Autolite() Copper Core plugs are your industry standard.

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