Camco 44461 Gen-turi (TM) Generator Exhaust System

by Camco

Diverts Nasty Fumes Away From The Ground Weighing Only Nine Pounds Gen-Turi Installs Easily And Disconnects Quickly Limited 90 Day Warranty


Compatibility - Extend Generator Exhaust Above RV
Includes Pipe - Yes
Includes Heat Shield - Yes
Includes Mounting Hardware - Yes
Includes Storage Bag - Yes

Close quarters at rallies and tailgate parties create a need for noise and exhaust fume reduction. Gen-turi diverts nasty fumes away from the ground where they will not be inhaled by neighboring RVers. Be a good neighbor vent generator exhaust above the roof line while reducing noise. Weighing only nine Pounds Gen-turi installs easily and disconnects quickly. Patented.

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