Camco 39803 RhinoFLEX (TM) Sewer Hose Connector

by Camco

Reusable Locking Rings Work With New And Original RhinoFLEX Elbow Bayonet Lug Or Coupler Fittings Allowing Fittings To Be Moved To A New RhinoFLEX Hose Limited 90 Day Warranty


Used For - Connecting Two Sewer Hoses Together
Type - Locking Rings
Color - Black
With Clamp - No

RhinoFLEX sewer hose fittings are designed to work with the RhinoFLEX hose. Made with UV stabilized resin for long life. Each of the three easy-to-use fittings features a reusable locking ring so that fittings can be moved to a new RhinoFLEX hose.

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