American Grease Stick (AGS) CN-312 Brake Line

by American Grease Stick (AGS)

Cold Drawn And Annealed Copper Nickel Alloy Beveled Seam Edges For Smooth Bead-Free Joint Never Rusts Perfect Flares Without Special Bending Or Flaring Tools Limited Lifetime Warranty


Diameter - 3/16 Inch
Length - 12 Inch
Fitting Size 1 - 3/8 Inch-24
Fitting Attachment 1 - Male Inverted Flare
Fitting Size 2 - 3/8 Inch-24
Fitting Attachment 2 - Male Inverted Flare
Finish - Black Oxide
Color - Black
Material - Nickel Copper Iron
Quantity - Single

AGS lines and coils are made of the most advanced materials and processes available today. Our tubing construction and coatings allow for the most workable corrosion resistant and safest product possible. In addition the quality of the flares (end-forms) and tube nuts of all AGS lines meet and exceed standards for the best seal possible. While the vast majority of vehicles utilize 3/16 Inch 1/4 Inch or 6 Millimeter diameter tubing for brake applications all AGS lines offer the same advanced construction and technology.

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