American Grease Stick (AGS) BLC-425 Brake Line

by American Grease Stick (AGS)

Double-Walled Beveled Seam Edges For Smooth Bead-Free Joint Used To Fabricate 1/4 Inch Domestic And Adapter Brake Lines


Diameter - 1/4 Inch
Length - 25 Feet
Fitting Size 1 - No Fitting
Fitting Attachment 1 - No Fitting
Fitting Size 2 - No Fitting
Fitting Attachment 2 - No Fitting
Finish - Zinc Plated
Color - Silver
Material - Steel
Quantity - Single

AGS coils are the same copper-brazed double-walled steel or copper nickel alloy tubing as used in our pre-made lines. When combined with AGS tube nuts and flaring tool 25 Foot lengths are an economical solution for shops that want to build their own lines custom lengths or non-standard applications.

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