Aeroquip FCN0620 Socketless (TM) Braided Hose

by Aeroquip

Textile Braid Reinforcement Patented AQP Elastomer Smooth Bore Inner Tube Operates At Higher Temperatures For Longer Periods(-45 Degree Fahrenheit To Plus 300 Degree Fahrenheit Temperature Rating) Operating Pressure For All Sizes At 250 PSI Vacuum Rated Up To 28 Inch Mercury Easy To Assemble With Reusable Easy To Assemble With Reusable Socketless Fittings Limited 1 Year Warranty


Length - 20 Feet
Compatibility - Gasoline/ Fuel/ Lubricating/ Oils/ Air/ Water
Size - 3/8 Inch (-6 AN)
Pressure Rating (PSI) - 250 Pound Per Square Inch
Braid Color - Black
Braid Material - Elastomer With Textile
Hose Color - Black
Hose Material - Elastomer

AQP Socket less Performance Hose and Fittings are extremely easy to work with. Connecting the two is a snap since not even a wrench is needed! Simply slip the hose onto the fittings. It’s that simple.

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