Aeroquip FCM3673 Tube Sleeve Tube End Fitting Sleeve

by Aeroquip

1 Piece Design Allows For Improved Flow Designed To Be Re Used Without Damage To The Fitting Eliminates Two Potential Leak Points (Brazed Joints) Significantly Improved Appearance No Seal Is Broken Between Nipple And Tube When Swiveled Due To Nipple Design; Ensuring Integrity Of The Seal Easy To Install Limited 1 Year Warranty


Size - 5/8 Inch (-10 AN)
Finish - Anodized
Color - Blue
Material - Aluminum
Quantity - Set Of 2

Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Product brand of hose and fittings continues to prove there is a difference in performance plumbing products. Our long tradition of offering exceptionally high quality and innovative engineered parts has made Aeroquip Performance Products the dominant choice of motorsport professionals and enthusiasts throughout the world. In fact Eaton is the only leading performance plumbing supplier that engineers and manufactures its own hose and fittings to not only fit together but to perform together as well. Electroless nickel plating or red/blue anodized finish. Swivel and non swivel styles available. Utilizing the latest in forecasting MRP tools and a state of the art distribution facility Eaton has achieved unprecedented fill rate levels. Eaton’s unique advantage of controlling its own manufacturing ensures you receive the right part at the right time every time.

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