Aeroquip FCM1003 Pro Clamp (TM) Hose End Fitting Clamp

by Aeroquip

PRO CLAMP™ Connectors Are Made Of Red Anodized Aluminum To Give Your Band Clamp Connections A Professional Look Limited 1 Year Warranty


Size - 1/2 Inch (-8 AN)
Hose Compatibility - 0.44 Inch Inside Diameter And 0.65 Inch Outside Diameter Rubber/ Stainless Steel Braid Hose
Style - Band
Finish - Anodized
Color - Red
Material - Aluminum
Quantity - Single

PRO CLAMP™ connectors are made of red anodized aluminum to give your band clamp connections a professional look. The PRO CLAMP™ connector can be used on any rubber or stainless steel braid hose. PRO CLAMP™ connectors come complete with a quality band clamp.

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