Aeroquip FBM1232 Hose End Fitting

by Aeroquip

1 Piece Design Allows For Improved Flow Eliminates Two Potential Leak Points (Brazed Joints) Significantly Improved Appearance Easy To Assemble Limited 1 Year Warranty


End Type1 - Hose Barb
End Size1 - 3/8 Inch (-6 AN)
End Type2 - Female Threads
End Size2 - 3/4 Inch-16
Fitting Style - Socketless
Fitting Angle - Straight
Material - Brass
Includes O-Ring - No
Quantity - Single

Quick and easy assembly that can save you time. AQP SOCKETLESS™Performance Hose and Fittings are extremely easy to work with. Connecting the two is a snap since not even a wrench is needed! Simply slip the hose onto the fittings. It’s that simple.

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